Course plan

This is a “crash” course taking you from scratch to a functional custom app within two compressed modules.

Follow up after the course: From Friday April 6th
We will send you all an email on Friday with suplementary information.
If you want we will offer you p2p support via skype or by coming to our office at Frederiksberg. We will let you know how to ask for help-inspiration sessions in the email.

If some of you should want to continue using Filemaker for your KEA and other projects while being a KEA student, we will keep supporting you for the next months … or perhaps longer.

Module 1 – Intro to FileMaker and “Custom apps”

The objective of the first module is to provide an intro to the FileMaker platform and the “Custom App” concept.

FileMaker platform

This is your introduction to FileMaker as a development environment. We look into each part of FileMaker and try out the different tools which make up the “full stack” environment.

  • FileMaker Pro Advanced – your “full stack” environment
  • Investigate the tools and app structure
    • File
    • Tables
    • Fields and data types
    • Calculation Engine
    • Layouts
    • Scripts


An important consideration when planning for a custom app for your team or workgroup is deciding which way you want to deploy the custom app and the pors and cons on each of the many ways you can deploy a FileMaker custom app.

  • FileMaker Server
    • On premise
    • Hosted
    • FileMaker Cloud
  • Desktop app
    • FileMaker Pro on Windows and OS X
  • Web app
    • Web Direct – immediately deploy for all modern browsers
    • Custom Web – connect to your custom app with PHP API and HTML5 tools
  • iOS app
    • FileMaker Go – immediately deploy on iPhone or iPad

Design principles

When developing a FileMaker Custom App you achieve the best results when following a thorough process, even if it is a small app. FileMaker provides a set of guides for their approach called “Plan-Create-Deploy”. You will find links to these below.

Module 2 – Create your first “Custom app”

In the second module we focus on hands-on and giving you the opportunity to try out the tools and design principles we promote for creating your first “custom app”.


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