KEA Exercise

Choose between 3 possible scenarios

General info and follow up after seminar no. 2

You will need to make a lot of decisions on your own, we are only suggesting some of them. When the user uses your app, think of other information you would like to store automatically:

  • the date/time of the registration
  • the location
  • other important information

You are the architect …. use your imagination!

Notice: Only choose one of the exercises.

For all exercises we expect that you have downloaded FileMaker to your PC or Mac in advance. For some of the exercises an iOS unit like an iPhone or an iPad is needed. Choose one of the other exercises if you do not have an iOS device.

You can work alone, but it is also fine to work in groups of two students.


App 1: Gather receipts and other documentation

The story: Employees of the “Jackson Tools” are traveling a lot. They are paying for transport-related costs, accommodation  etc. They must register the receipts and the problem is that they tend to forget to deliver or loose them. You need to be able to create a user and to let the user register new reciepts. In this case the data model could look like this:

The short requirement specification
A simple desktop and/or mobile app for registration receipts etc.
For this exercise a desktop computer and perhaps a smartphone/tablet is handy if you will let the user use WebDirect to access it.


App 2: Mobile issue registration with photos

The story: “Blue Coil Inc.” needs a simple registration app for registration of issues with the ability to add a picture, a title and a description. The issues must be linked to a construction site where they do the delivery. At least two entities (tables) will be needed. One for [site] and one for [issue]. Also consider, if you want to be able to have more than one photo per issue to have a separate table for the photo, instead of just a photo field in [issue]. In this case the data model could be like this:

The short requirement specification
A simple registration app to be used by a craftsman or an architect for registration of issues and missing parts on a  construction site.
For this exercise an iPhone or an iPad with the free FileMaker Go is advisable.


App 3: Web application form with open positions/jobs at your company

The story: Your company wants to publish open positions/jobs on the web. A page with open positions (jobs to apply for) is required. The user should then select one of the jobs to apply for and fill in a form. We do at least want to know the basic information about the applicant and which job he/she applies for. Add extra data you find relevant and consider: Should he/she add a CV or other documentation, perhaps a picture?
In this case the data model could be like this:

The Short description
Create a simple form to create an application for a position at a company. It must be accessible on the web from desktop computers and tablets. Use WebDirect for publishing.


How to start

Important decision: Working alone or with another student?

At the bottom of this page you will find video instructions describing the next steps – if in doubt please see the movies

Download the exercise file here

As soon as you have downloaded the file please rename it to your name (lower ascii, a-z and 1-9 _ -). Please use “_” (underscore) instead of spaces in the name. Keep the name short, like “carstenlevin.fmp12” or “elisabeth_and_emerson.fmp12” etc.

Set the password for the admin account

Now you must set the password for the “admin” account (the one you are using for development)

  1. Menu-> File-> Manage-> Security
  2. Set a good password and do not forget it!
    Select the “Admin” account and set the password.
    Do not change the Codeo or Jens accounts.


Upload the file to FileMaker Server

After setting the password you can upload the file to the server.

  1. Go to the menu File-> Sharing-> Upload to FileMaker Server…
  2. Select “Favorite Hosts” at the top of the dialog
  3. In “Host Address” at the bottom add “”
  4. To the top right add your assigned “Name” and “Password”
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Click “Browse…”
  7. Select the file you have renamed and click “Open”:
  8. You are ready to upload – so click “Upload”
  9. When upload is finished you can open the file directly here and start your work:

Congratulations – you app is now live on the internet!

Video instructions

The first 4 movies will show you how to download the start file for your solution, renaming it, setting the password and uploading it to the server.





The next videos will show you how to start building a solution