KEA Server Access

KEA FileMaker Server at Codeo

Codeo is maintaining and providing a test server for your FileMaker development.

Server Access

The server can be reached at this hostname:

You are allowed to upload FileMaker databases like you did during the crash course Carsten and Bo held at KEA this spring.

The credentials for uploading your custom app / database will be provided by Jens Rasmussen <>.

Upload your custom app file to FileMaker Server

Here are the simple steps you need to perform in order to upload the file to the server.

  1. Go to the menu File-> Sharing-> Upload to FileMaker Server…
  2. Select “Favorite Hosts” at the top of the dialog
  3. In “Host Address” at the bottom add “”
  4. To the top right add your assigned “Name” and “Password” (Jens Rasmussen knows this and will share it with you)
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Click “Browse…”
  7. Select the file you have renamed and click “Open”:
  8. You are ready to upload – so click “Upload”
  9. When upload is finished you can open the file directly here and start your work:

Congratulations – you app is now live on the internet!

Video instructions

The first 4 movies will show you how to download the start file for your solution, renaming it, setting the password and uploading it to the server.





The next videos will show you how to start building a solution